About us

UADBB Statybų ir Investicijų Draudimas (CONSTRUCTION AND INVESTMENT INSURANCE) - successfull insurance brokerage company established in 2006, which is working as independet insurance broker. The main clients of company - manufacturing and other industrial and service companies, builders (customers), real estate developers, design, construction companies and companies performing technical supervision of construction. The goal of the insurance brokerage company is to provide our customers with qualified and professional insurance services and advice in the Baltic countries by assuming legal responsibility for the quality of the services provided.

Our services include:
  • selection of optimal insurance coverage required for the client and for the safe business development of the enterprise;
  • preparation of tender conditions, contractual and / or sub-contractual clauses relating to the insurance issues necessary for the development of investment projects;
  • verification of insurance contracts prepared by insurance companies and approval that these insurance contracts meet the needs of the client (the policyholder) and are acceptable;
  • representation of the client's interests in relations with insurance companies after the conclusion of insurance contracts;
  • assessment of insurance contracts concluded in respect of design, construction organizations, and companies engaged in the technical supervision of construction hired by the builder (customer) to develop investment projects, and / or surety (guarantee) bonds by determining whether these insurance contracts and / or surety (guarantee) bonds meet the conditions provided for in the signed contracts or subcontracts presented to the clients, and are not in conflict with the interests of the client, as the insured or the beneficiary;
  • participation in the administration of insured events from the moment of preparation of the first notification on the event by ensuring their smooth and timely settlement and the payment of insurance benefits to the policyholder in accordance with the conditions of the insurance contract signed.
UADBB Statybų ir Investicijų Draudimas working in insurance companies, and participating in the development of the regulations on compulsory civil liability insurance for designers and contractors, surety, general and professional indemnity insurance, company property, construction risks and other insurances, and insured events administration, would be useful for not only in concluding insurance contracts with insurance companies or checking the concluded insurance contracts presented by contractors, but also in claims administration.